Roadmap for future-proof and sustainable business

Sustainability, diversity, inclusion, ethics, sustainable procurement and more. Topics that nowadays demanding the necessary attention. Pushed by laws and regulations, but also by the market itself. Small and mid-sized companies don’t necessarily have the specific knowledge, know-how and time on handling these topics.

With the initiative of Future Spark, a sustainability consultancy and project management, I work together with other experts on CSR, ESG, monitoring, reporting, stakeholder management and communication. We can deliver the roadmap that fits your company to be better, compliant and future-proof. The roadmap provides insight in what way and how the company can work on this.

Why a roadmap for your business

To start with, why is a roadmap beneficial? Having a roadmap or strategic plan in place on how your business can be more future-proof and sustainable, enables you to track the progress toward the set goals. When each department and team understands your company’s larger strategy, their progress can directly impact its success. The roadmap gives grip and facilitates collaboration among different departments, teams and stakeholders in a structured and transparent way toward the set goals.

How to set up a roadmap

You can either create a roadmap yourselves or create it together with your stakeholders. An argument to create it with your stakeholders and teams is that you create shared ownership and therefore also more involvement in the execution of the roadmap. By facilitating stakeholder dialogues on how a future-proof and sustainable collaboration we will get a clear understanding of their interests and responsibilities. And invest in the engagement of creating a roadmap together.

In 4 steps we can help you to set up your roadmap.

  • Step 1: Running start with materiality analysis, stakeholder analysis, branch trends.
  • Step 2: Internal and external stakeholder engagement and dialogue.
  • Step 3: Set up a draft CSR and ESG strategy and milestones set in time and receive feedback.
  • Step 4: Present definitive roadmap and celebrate.

What does a roadmap look like

The result will be a CSR and ESG strategy that has the necessary support of your internal and external stakeholders. The roadmap defines the goals and desired outcome. It states what activities and milestones, based on impact and effort, in time are needed to reach the set ambition.

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