Purpose driven project and process management

“Purpose-driven organizations bound by values are stronger than profit-driven organizations bound by rules.”

Do you also sometimes wonder: why the bleep do I do this? Besides getting things done, I believe that the work I do can go beyond the offer of a product or service and can have a positive social or environmental impact.¬†With a purpose driven approach on what companies do, it is possible to bring more meaning to the business. This why I call the work I do ‘purpose driven project and process management’.

Hi, my name is Tabitha Mann.

I was born in The Netherlands, being half Dutch and half Indian. As a creative and entrepreneurial person I graduated in 2011 at the arts academy ArtEZ on Fine Arts in Zwolle. And I studied afterwards Cultural Economics and Cultural Entrepreneurship at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam until 2013. Ready to start freelancing as a young independent woman in the cultural sector, politics and start-up scene.

After several years of freelancing, I started working for the sustainability consultancy Over Morgen in 2017 where I worked mainly for the public sector. After almost five years I changed the scenery from the public sector to the commercial sector as the CSR manager of T-Mobile Netherlands. Throughout my working career I’ve developed a skillset on project and process management, stakeholder management, and communication. Read my full CV on LinkedIn.

Are you interested to work together? I can help you towards a future-proof and sustainable business, the execution with project and/or process management or internal and external communication. Read below one of my blogs and get an impression of my approach. Or contact me and let’s talk!